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Miami - Dade County Zoning Districts Definitions 

District Definition
GU Interim District - Uses depend on character of neighborhood, otherwise EU-2 standards apply
AU Agricultural / Residential 5 Acres gross
EU-2 Estates, Single-Family, 5 Acres Gross
EU-1C Estates, Single-Family, 21/2 acres or more in area
EU-1 Estates, Single-Family, 1 acre or more in area
EU-S Estate use, suburban Single-family 25,000 ft2 gross
EU-M Estates modified, single-family, minimum lot area 15,000 square feet net
RU-1 Single-family Residential District 7,500 ft2 net
RU-1Z * Single-family Residential, Zero Lot Line 4,500 ft2 net
RU-1(M)(a) Modified Single-Family Residential District 5,000 ft2 net
RU-1(M)(b) Modified Single-Family Residential District 6,000 ft2 net
RU-2 Two-family Residential District, 7,500 ft2 net
RU-TH Townhouse District,  8.5 units/net acre
RU-3 Four-unit Apartment District, 7,500 ft2 net
RU-3B Bungalow Court District, 10,000 ft2 net
RU-4L Limited Apartment House District, 23 units / net acre
RU-4M Modified Apartment House District, 35.9 units / net acre
RU-4 High Density Apartment House District, 50 units / net acre
RU-4A RU-4 or Hotel/Motel District, 75 units / net acre
PAD Planned Area Development, 20 acres minimum.  Mixed residential and convenience retail services.  Density depends on Master Plan, neighborhood studies and neighborhood development.
RU-5 Semi-professional Offices and Apartments District
RU-5A Semi-professional Office District, 10,000 ft2 net
OPD Office Park District, 3 acres gross  Office buildings & laboratories for scientific and industrial research.
TND Traditional Neighborhood Development District, 40 acres gross minimum.  Mixed uses.
BU-1 Business Districts, neighborhood
BU-1A Business Districts, limited
BU-2 Business Districts, special
BU-3 Business Districts, liberal (wholesale) Includes mechanical garage and used car lots.
IU-1 Industrial Districts, light manufacturing
IU-2 Industrial Districts, heavy manufacturing
IU-3 Industrial Districts, unlimited manufacturing
IU-C Industrial District, conditional
* obsolete
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